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Competition Rules

1. Competitors must perform in Highland dress and appropriate headdress.  Jackets are optional.

2. Piobaireachd: If settings used are taken from sources other than the Kilberry (K) or Piobaireachd Society (PS) collections, competitors must provide the judge with a copy of the tune in the setting to be played. The judge may consider the merits of the setting played.

3. In band, mini-band, and trio events, a piper may enter with only one ensemble. “One man, one band”.

4. Order of play will be first-to-enter, last to play. An event’s steward and judge may adjust the order of play for good cause and at their discretion.

5. The music requirements for events will be set out in a competition’s registration form. For solo light music events, solo drumming events, and band/mini-band MSR events competitors must submit tunes of at least four-parts in length unless otherwise noted.

6. For solo piping events, competitors’ tuning on the platform will be limited to three minutes, except for piobaireachd which will be five minutes. A light system may be used for tuning times with a green light being over one minute remaining, orange being less than a minute, and red meaning commence with performance. Failure to commence the tune at the end of the tuning time may result in the competitor’s disqualification.

7. Solo pipers are expected to march during the March portion of a contest, unless physically unable to do so.

8. When an event requires the submission of multiple tunes, the competitor will submit those tunes when reporting to the judge at the commencement of the competitor’s performance, unless otherwise noted.

9. Overall winners for individual competitions and aggregate winners for competition seasons may be awarded. The points to be assigned for the calculation of aggregates, including overall winners, will be based on the most points gained using the following table:

10. The calculation of aggregate and overall winners will include all the events in the respective grade and will not account for a competitor’s choice not to participate in an event or competition.


11. Ties in the calculation of aggregate and overall winners will be broken by piobaireachd placing for solo piping events and by MSR placing in solo drumming and band/mini-band events.

12. Mini-bands are defined as having no more than 5 players and composed of 3 pipes, 1 snare drum, and 1 bass/midsection drum.

13. Only AKPADS individual and band members are able to be awarded aggregate prizes.

14. Events may offer a "Chieftain" class. This class is for competitors aged 65 and older.

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